GOLD = GAWK + Objects

Cause a little auk awk goes a long way.

We like GAWK. A lot. The simplicity and power of GAWK often make it just the right tool for the job.

Off-the-shelf GAWK is a procedural language. GOLD extends that language to support:

  • objects and nested objects;
    • and simple access to nested structures;
  • inheritance (single parent);
  • polymorphism;
  • unit tests;
  • literate programming.

The gold file manager runs files using

./gold  xxx

It does this by converting files into xxx.awk files, then calling

gawk -f xxx.awk

Once converted, these files can be run via normal GAWK, without needing gold.

(And to change the directory where gold writes the xxx.awk files, edit the file $HOME/.config/gold.)

To get started, install gold, the GOLD file manager.